Monday, 8 December 2014

Now you can buy my book!!!

I am absolutely delighted to let you all know that you can now purchase my book on Amazon. As of late, it is only available on digital, so Kindle, PC or any tablet, but this now means that my story can help save lives which was my sole intention. I'm also hoping that the publishing house will still put this book into paperback even though they have assured me that 'going digital first' is entirely normal.

Please help me to help others by telling all of your friends, even if they haven't suffered from depression themselves, as you can bet your bottom dollar that they will know someone that does! The story may also help someone realise that it is the hormones which are to blame for their misery, and not a bipolar or schizophrenic disorder. It will also help them find the right help and support, from the different specialists you can find, to the different therapies available.

I would like to personally thank all of my friends who have helped me enormously, and although there is  far too many to mention in one blog, there are a few that spring to mind who without them,this publication would never have come into fruition.

They are, my best friend Belinda Hughes for her unwavering friendship during my illness. Lucy Jacques for building the website and amending, Samantha Fountain for her technical support and mostly my loving husband who has been the sponsor throughout it all, as well as being on the end of my most severe meltdowns. I would also like to thank everyone at St Marys Church, Burgh Heath for their prayers, and for helping me through the stress when I've felt like giving up and shelving the whole project (no pun intended).

Lastly I would like to thank Charlotte and Chelsey at Fox and Howard, and all at the Writers workshop, particularly Jane Struthers for their professionalism and advice.

And thank you to all of my friends, far and wide who have helped raise awareness for this evil affliction.
God Bless.
Suzi. AKA Caroline Church xxxx