Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Chronic Fatigue syndrome and hormonal issues.

Morning ladies. Today's blog has been written in the hope of finding some help for those with chronic fatigue. I have yet to meet a sufferer who hasn't experienced it in some way shape or form, and it also has started to gather more media attention of late, with the associated fibromyalgia.

I've been trying to figure out what comes first, the mood disorder or the endless exhaustion, the aches and pains, or the depression and anxiety. And guess what........ As of yet there are no clear cut answers. All we know is that very often, if not always, they go hand in hand ,which only adds to the general misery for the many, many sufferers worldwide.

So what then causes it? And what does it feel like?

As is usual with these things, there are no clear cut answers, but I can tell you from my own experience that there is nothing more miserable than a life filled with an endless desire to be in bed. This is not the typical exhaustion associated with the business called life, so work and children, but more a compulsion to sleep and a mind numbing, mental fatigue that leaves you walking through treacle. I myself spent so much time asleep, by midday at least, I was longing for the comfort of my bed, and would often feel overwhelmed and unable to cope until I had my fix. Sometimes I slept a 17 hour day and would still feel exhausted. My eyes would burn and I always felt drugged as I went about my daily chores, which were often done in slow motion. I called it 'my jet lag tiredness' as that's the only way I could describe it to those around me. People would often remark at how much I slept, and most holidays were wasted, as I quite often missed half of it sleeping the days away.

After my hysterectomy in 2012, I was so grateful when my body sprang into life. It wasn't immediate, but as the months went by, I started to 'wake up' , quite literally. I simply couldn't believe how energised I felt,and at times felt a little excited by the new me. Everything had gained a new sense of clarity, which convinced me once more that my exhaustion was caused by a reaction to my own hormones.

What else could it be?

As we know, hormones during pregnancy also have a sedative effect, particularly during the first few months when the outpouring of oestrogen and progesterone floods the female body. Well I felt like that everyday and for years and years and really didn't have any quality of life at all. It really was that bad. Hormones can affect emotional health too, and can often destabilize the women after pregnancy, during the pre-menstrual time and then again leading up to menopause. Some doctors call this reproductive depression, some say a hormonal based mood disorder, but whatever way you look at it its abysmal to say the least.

What a life for the suffering women, just at the most critical years of her life!

It is absolutely wonderful that I'm now free from exhaustion and very rarely have to take a nap. I've gone from quite often being bed bound, to writing a book which I can tell you is a miracle indeed. I can enjoy my children more, take regular exercise and every day means something, which is a new revelation. I now have a life , not just an existence and I'm just so, so grateful.

If you are suffering from CFS you are not alone, and there are many, many of us out there.

 I asked some of those sufferers what has helped them most, and here's the results.

1. Maintain an exemplary diet. So at least 5 a day of the most nutritious foods you can find. I use a Nutri-bullet with added green powders containing wheatgrass, Spirulina and chlorophyll. Cut out ALL junk food. I never eat it as I now consider it a poison, which of course it is. Maintain a decent weight (hard I know) and be mindful of how much alcohol you are drinking ( even harder still!).

2. Exercise. Yes I know this is difficult when you are exhausted but, it has been proven categorically that even a ten minute walk releases endorphins and energises the body. I use Bikram if I'm exhausted, as it's slow and low intensity. I also regularly take a sauna and a steam which invigorates me enormously.

3. Get your iron levels checked, and use a decent supplement. A friend told me about Floradix and I've never looked back. A cheaper version is Feroglobin , both do not cause constipation and as most women are borderline anaemic, its absolutely vital.

4. Take the following vitamins, Vitamin D, B6, B12, magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Vitamin C. The key is regularity, so every single day of your life.

5. Accept that you have a hormonal disorder and find the correct specialist. Don't give up, help is out there. DO NOT accept a half life. Contact me and I will help you if I can, and if I cant, I know someone that can.

6. Meditation can help. My friend Sarah practises visualization techniques which you can learn to do yourself. I still have to try to 'still' my mind now, particularly in times of stress which remember, will always be with us. Life can be overwhelming, exhausting and demanding and everyone needs to take steps to counteract the effects of it, easy to say I know.

7. Take it easy with yourself. Don't beat yourself up. its not your fault. Its a disorder, not a decision, and its exhausting like nothing else. Be kind to yourself and snuggle up. Its sometimes the only thing you can do.

8. Take massive doses of Omega 3 which can help enormously with brain function. Again, take them every single day of your life, forever.

9. WATER. Be sure that you are not dehydrated. Flood yourself with water and for extra help use Himalayan salt which you can add to anything, food, smoothies, even your greens.  Dehydration is responsible for many ailments both emotional, and physical.

10. Look after your gut health. Take a decent probiotic, everyday, forever. Its hard to remember but we must to protect ourselves from the depletion of minerals which can often be caused by a leaky gut.

'I blame the Hormones' can be downloaded on PC, smartphone, I pad or kindle and is published by HarperCollins. This publication is the first of its kind, as far as I know and I'm hoping it is helping sufferers world wide.

 If you have found anything specific that has lifted your chronic fatigue please let me know and I can share with others. The only way to beat this disorder is by sharing dialogue, helping one another, raising awareness and education.

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 In the meantime, happy hormones, happy health.