Tuesday, 3 March 2015

How to download my book in digital format.

I've absolutely lost count of the number of times people have asked me how to download my book and in actual fact, being a complete technophobe, I wasn't even sure myself! I BLAME THE HORMONES as everybody now knows, has been written with the sole intention of raising awareness of a crippling and often misunderstood condition suffered by thousands of women worldwide.

As far as I'm aware, it is the first memoir of its kind, although as the condition called PMDD or Reproductive depression increases, and more sufferers discover their own illness, I daresay there will be more of these type of books published, and quite rightly so. The more books that are being sold, the more healthcare workers will begin to understand how awfully mean  our female hormones can be!!

When you go to Amazon to download the book, you will notice that it is written under the pseudonym of Caroline Church. You will also see that there is the option to buy the book without a Kindle. You can then download the App onto your smartphone, PC or even an E-reader and then purchase the book in digital format. The good news is it only costs a single pound and is fairly quick to read (between an hour or two) which is perfect for the busy women, or indeed any man who wishes to know why their wives or girlfriends are struggling every month.

Once you have read the book, I would also be so grateful if you could write a review. The more reviews Amazon have, the more people can be reached. Perhaps after reading it, you can think of that one person, friend or relative who you also know is suffering with depression or any other mood disorder. It maybe that they have not yet realized the correlation between their own reproductive cycle, and their emotional issues, which can also lead to physical ill health too.

Please leave me a comment or message me if you have problems downloading this book and I will help all I can. God Bless. Suzi x