Thursday, 14 April 2016

A case study. A young women in crisis.

A few weeks back, through friends of a friend, I was approached by a lady who was beside herself with worry and concern for her beautiful young daughter.
Tammy was just 26 years old and had lost her smile, was increasingly depressed and was suffering from anxiety. I have to say, this concerned me a great deal, and I was only too happy to give my opinion. We met together (both mum and daughter) and I gathered as much information as I could in the hope of finding a reason for her gradual and increasing melancholy.

At first, it was hard to ascertain whether her symptoms were hormonal in origin, or the result of her recent break up with her boyfriend, but as we talked it didn't take long to figure it out, and the cyclical elements of PMS became more and more apparent.

The first trigger I found was that Tammy had used the contraceptive implant, and that was the first time she remembered having a change in personality. Not all women have a negative response to synthetic hormones, but many many women do and I could clearly see the link. Following that, Tammy started to become withdrawn, was suffering from feelings of panic and had even started to develop various phobias. She was a shadow of her former self, and sadly it was getting worse every month during the lead up to her period. Only once menstruation had commenced ,would she then find a total relief of symptoms. Unfortunately for Tammy, she was also beginning to feel that life wasn't worth living, which worried her parents enormously. I too was extremely concerned for this lovely young women who should have been in the prime of her life and was suffering so much. She had long since given up work, was isolated and despairing from the severe emotional anguish which came around month after month.

Tammy however, was extremely fortunate. Her family were able to afford private healthcare, and within a week were able to see the most amazing Professor John Studd who is a  pioneer of hormonal intervention in depressed women. He has helped thousands of women with hormonal mood disorders and I just knew that he would be able to turn this situation around, which of course he did.
After a lengthy consultation, blood tests and more, he prescribed Oestrogen gel, some testosterone and a progesterone tablet, in the hope that Tammy would be free of the dreadful symptoms she was experiencing.

Well I can tell you that the results have been staggering!

 Within a week her mum had rang to say that she had got her daughter back! Tammy was singing, joyful and free of all negative emotions. It really had worked and the relief for her family was absolutely indescribable. Tammy was able to enjoy life, and had even returned to work. I was absolutely delighted for her and amazed that it had worked so quickly and so well!

Tammy was proof that finding the right specialist, getting the correct diagnoses, and using the correct medicine could conquer her PMDD, and the first monthly period passed with ease. As with my own story, lives can be transformed and I was so happy I was able to intervene before the situation became even more critical. For those that cant afford private healthcare, you should ask your GP for a referral to a PMS/PMDD specialist which you can ask for and insist on. Don't take no for an answer and if the answer is no, find another GP!

My memoir 'I blame the Hormones' can be downloaded onto Kindle, Smartphone, I pad or any PC. Please share this news with your friends and help save lives. There is help available if we are all able to access the correct information.

Peace and love as always, Suzi.

Ps. Thank you Tammy for allowing me to use this important information.