Saturday, 10 May 2014

Natural Hormones can help with depression and anxiety.

Natural Hormones can help enormously when one is suffering with depression and anxiety, particularly if the depression is hormonal in origin and is cyclical. Once a women has ovulated, there are immense changes in her hormonal profile and for reasons not yet understood, in some women these changes can have a critical effect which then makes the sufferer feel anxious, depressed and extremely irritable. The symptoms are so similar to Bipolar, there is often a misdiagnoses and the hormonal element to this illness overlooked, which in my opinion is a great shame.

The two hormones which are known to profoundly effect our state of mind are progesterone and oestrogen, although there are others which also come into play. As some women are sensitive to their own hormones it is the spiking, or even the dips which causes the women to have the sudden mood changes which we are all familiar with. We can now give and use natural or Bio-identical Hormones which are made from soya and yam and they fit our bodies exactly the same as our own original hormones. if we give them in a controlled dose, we are then avoiding the so called spiking which causes us to experience a great hormonal wobble.

In my case I use natural progesterone and natural oestrogen (in the form of a patch) and this has had a massive effect on my whole life, indeed transforming it to such an extent that I am now symptom free. You can use this powerful and natural therapy whether you have a womb or not, and they are known to have a protective effect on our bones, heart and our libido as well as a stabilizing effect on our mind.
To find out more anyone suffering with PMDD, PND or PMS should ask for a referral to a gynaecologist. For further reading my first choice would be 'It must be my Hormones ' by Doctor Marion Gluck who explains the difference between them and the more synthetic HRT which so many women are reluctant to take. Synthetic hormones are those that are in the Contraceptive pill, depro-vera contraceptive injection, the contraceptive implant  and too many others to mention and in my opinion should be avoided like the plague if you have depression or any mood disorder. Next week I will be explain how you can turn off your entire hormonal system if you are severely affected by this awful condition.
 Have  lovely weekend, Suzi

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