Friday, 22 August 2014

The sad passing of Robin Williams.

Not a day has gone passed this week when I haven't thought about the wonderful man Mr Robin Williams who had the ability to make many cry with laughter, myself included. I often wonder what someone goes through in the last hours of their life when they feel there is nowhere else to go and the despair and mental anguish they have felt.

There has been many profound tributes in the press this week and on social networking sites which has provoked an outpouring of mourning and has indeed reminded us all just how much he was loved and revered in what was a charmed and beautiful life. Even though he battled depression throughout most of it, he was unique and precious in every way. However, there has also been some sinister remarks about Robins suicide and some which have quite simply gone beyond the pale as far as I'm concerned with comments such as 'selfish' being one of them. Robin was not a selfish person, he was sick and when you are sick with depression you are not in the same frame of mind as everyone else. What I mean by this is that the illness itself 'thinks' for you and then goes on to 'act' for you with all sense of reason simply absent.
The sufferer will not be thinking on the same plane as the rest of us that are well, and even though it is very difficult to describe, particularly to someone who hasn't suffered from depression or any other mental health condition, it none the less is crucial that we try to understand the power that depression can have and how it can warp the human mind..

One of the reasons that I wrote my book (and laid myself bare) was to reach out to other sufferers and help in particular those that have or are contemplating suicide. It is with this in mind that I have so far prevented 2 suicides in the last couple of months and I can assure you they were the least selfish of people I have ever met. They themselves were entirely embarrassed by the predicament that they now found themselves in and never believed that depression could have so much power and be so serious. They even said that they used to wonder if depression was real and even a figment of the sufferers imagination. This seems to be a common theme with people not understanding the condition, unless of course you have it yourself.
For anyone thinking of suicide I would call the Samaritans (08457909090) or indeed a caring friend. You can even dial the emergency services who will help you immediately and arrange an urgent assessment. Help is out there.

For all those sufferers , remember you are not alone. There are many that have been in your situation and just like Robin said, Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. God love him.
Blessings as always,
Suzi xxx

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