Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Who can help me?

I have decided this week to ask for help in increasing my followers, and indeed raising more awareness of depression. Whatever I'm doing seems to be working as I have been inundated with responses via Twitter and Facebook, with several people in crisis needing extra help and support.

So how can you help? Or rather, how can you help me help others that are suffering from Depression, irrespective of its cause.

When I write a blog I try to make it as timely as I possibly can in the hope that someone will see it and log onto the website. The website has been designed in the hope that it may give others a new avenue to explore, and has lots of valuable information with various telephone numbers and helpful books to read. It is my belief that knowledge is power and there is a multitude of help out there if one just knows how to find it. That is why I wrote the book in the first place, as I knew that it would reach out and help those that so desperately need it. It could even help to save a life if a person knows where to go and who to call if they are despairing.

With that in mind, if you see my blog flash up on your screen, whether its via Twitter or Facebook please help me and simply 'share' it. This will undoubtedly help the sufferer and in particular those that are being secretive ,and not wanting to share the fact that they are poorly with others. The isolation, loneliness and shame that go with depression, often prevent the sufferer from seeking help and that is why my blog can mean a great deal to the lonely and depressed. It can also tell them where to go if they need help urgently and quickly.

Please  share this blog, share ,share, share and help raise awareness of this often hidden epidemic. And if you are reaching a crisis point don't forget about the Samaritans who can be called day or night on 08457 909090.
Suzi x

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  1. Have shared your website on course I am doing with Futurelearn about mental health.