Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The cure I've found for aches and pains and my experiment.

Greetings all. Firstly I am absolutely delighted by all the reviews I'm getting for my book 'I blame the hormones'! It makes such a difference when people take the time out of their busy day to write to me and give me feed back. It makes it all worthwhile and I know it helps others too, so thank you so much.

I want to also tell you about my ongoing battle with my aches and pains, particularly my restless legs which has almost driven me to distraction over the years and is a common complaint among us females! Even though the pains in my legs have reduced considerably since I had a hysterectomy (I've no idea why), I still suffer greatly, particularly if I'm over tired or stressed. Although it is a widely accepted ailment, very little is known about what causes it or why it happens. Aching joints and muscles really are a pain in the neck!

After another particularly restless night, I put out a post in a forum and asked other sufferers how they dealt with it and two things became apparent. It was suggested that low magnesium and iron were to blame, and I should increase my supplementation immediately. This of course I did, and within a week or so the sensations in my legs had ceased to exist . I felt far more energised which too was an added bonus, and I no longer suffered after exercising.
 I can't  tell you how relieved I felt because quite often I would have to sleep with my legs up against the wall to help with the pressure. This issue has plagued me since childhood where I would cry out in the night whilst my mum would simply say that it was 'growing pains' and was to be expected. Some forty years later I'm still suffering with the Postnatal and Pre-menstrual period quite often being agonising. Although I was sceptical, I was willing to try anything particularly as I was now in the menopause and had only had a brief respite after my operation.

Just too be sure that the supplementation of iron and magnesium wasn't the result of the placebo effect, last week I accidently purposefully ran out so I  couldn't take them. I was desperate to see if I would go back to the dreaded aches and pains, and guess what? I did! Within a ten day period I had relapsed with the heaviness and dragging sensations in my muscles. I also have wrist pain and a tense neck along with a crippling sense of fatigue and lethargy. By Sunday I had truly hit a wall of exhaustion which even an afternoon nap couldn't shake off. Its truly dreadful and sometimes feels like the flu. I had conducted my own experiment with crippling results and M.E symptoms predominating.

I'm happy to say that yesterday, Monday, I had replenished my supplies of iron (I use Feroglobin or Floradix depending on my budget ) and I can immediately tell the difference some 24 hours later with no exaggeration. I also use a high end Magnesium with vitamin B complex and a fish oil three times daily. I also am a regular juicer and use Spirulina, Chlorophyll and wheatgrass which I take in powder form in my Nutri-bullet.
What seems to happen however, is once I feel better ,I forget how awful I felt, forget to take them and so the cycle goes on. I guess the way to do it is to put aside a time in the day to take them religiously and never stop despite the way one feels. When will I grasp it?

 And is this not a familiar pattern with us buying an endless supply of minerals and vitamins and then not using them?

I need to take control, and so my time is now, at 9.30 with my morning coffee, come rain or shine and regardless of what my busy schedule is. I absolutely must make it a priority, as my experiment has shown. To not do so I have proved is detrimental to my health and completely ridiculous. I've also now promised to supplement my children, particularly as one approaches puberty and another is a teenager with the junk food diet that his age group so often consumes.

Thanks for reading and happy supplementation. I hope my experience helps you too with the dreaded aches and pains.

Suzi at  www.iblamethehormones.com

I Blame the hormones is available now on Amazon, by Caroline Church

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