Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hormone Sensitivity

I have had some extremely good news regarding my book. I will keep you all posted but in the meantime, I'm going to try to explain what it means to be sensitive to your hormones. Over the last couple of years and when researching for my book I have been speaking to lots of women who have
the same illness as me and are suffering with either postnatal illness or premenstrual syndrome. Without exception they all are sensitive to their hormones and some even say that they feel that they have an allergy or are intolerant to them, particularly at ovulation when the "mad women" moves in. Some say to me that they have a "Jekyll and Hyde" personality change and this is what some doctors say is a hormone sensitivity.
It doesn't matter how many hormones your body is producing, or even whether you are producing enough, but some women and its not clear why, suffer a catastrophic change when their hormone levels fluctuate, which is why the most serious symptoms occur at puberty, childbirth and ovulation.
When this sensitivity occurs, it interferes with the brain chemistry which can be extremely serious and often results in depression, anxiety and symptoms which are similar to mental illness.
I am personally involved with lots of medical professionals who are desperately trying to figure out why this happens and are at present trying to isolate the genes which cause this sensitivity. They are working tirelessly to help women like me who are often desperate, suicidal and whose lives are compromised by this dreadful illness.
As so many women are affected by this, approximately 1 in 10, it is vitally important that awareness is raised and more women can see the correlation between their symptoms of depression and this so called sensitivity. This is why it is so important to keep a "menstrual chart" so that you can see the timing of your symptoms (I still have mine from ten years ago). Trust me, when you start to keep a meticulous diary of your symptoms you too will have a 'light bulb' moment when you realise that you have this hormonal illness and it can be very empowering as you take control of your depression.Once you have this information you can decide on the appropriate treatment which is often simple and life changing in the form of natural hormones. This will keep your sensitivity to a minimum without the enormous fluctuations that are causing you to be so unwell.
With grateful thanks to Mr Nick Panay and all the team at The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital who have finally enabled me to regain my health, and indeed my sanity.
I hope my blog is easy to understand, if you are reading please send me some feedback as Id love to hear your thoughts.
God Bless. Suzi xx

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