Saturday, 15 March 2014

The shame and stigma of Depression

This post was designed to help those who have depression, whether its hormonal, or otherwise deal with the feelings of shame which quite often surface once you have been diagnosed.
Many people have approached me in recent weeks and have often said how surprised they are that I have had depression and how well I must have hidden it. In fact I have been suffering from hormonal depression since I was a teenager which escalated rapidly and dangerously after the birth of my second child. Until then I was able to pretend it wasn't happening and often hid my feelings from all who knew me.
Most people with depression will go to great lengths to disguise their own inner turmoil which stems from being ashamed and demoralised and is often a result of the depressive illness itself.  I somehow felt as though I were to blame and had bought the illness on by myself ,which of course led to low self worth and feelings of guilt.
To help others see that depression is an illness that can happen to anyone and to help them realise that they are not alone, I have compiled a list of fellow sufferers. I hope it helps.
Fern Britton.
Melinda Messenger.
Katie Price.
Beverley Callard.
Brooke Shields
Britney Spears
Stephen Fry
Adam Ant
Frank Bruno
Robbie Williams.
Have a great weekend, Suzi.

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