Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Amazing Anti-depressants.

My blog this week is about anti-depressant medication which I feel has often had a negative press and an even worse reputation. In my view however this is a great shame as this medicine can be a powerful weapon if you have suffered from clinical depression, and is often greatly misunderstood. In case your wondering, I am speaking from bitter experience and tried every known holistic and natural remedy in the hope of self treating. Indeed my husband spent hundreds of pounds paying for treatments which were costly and only helped for a while before losing their efficacy. I'm not saying that these treatments are worthless, only that my illness had become so entrenched and critical that to not take medication would have been dangerous and extremely serious. I believe that my reluctance to take medication also worsened my condition and allowed my symptoms to become worse with every passing day. Time is of the essence when one is dealing with a serious depressive episode, particularly if it is Post-natal Depression or there is an element of psychosis and suicidal urges.

The problem is, anti-depressants are known to have side effects and some are often quite severe, even though it is my view that once the initial first couple of weeks has passed, the side effects do leave the sufferer as they get used to the medication. This quite often puts people off taking them which is a great same in my opinion. The newer SSRIs are also known to have fewer side effects and are so good at doing their job,  I often wonder why it took me so long to take them ! I could have saved myself weeks of misery if I had known what I know now, and I hope that anyone worried about taking them will be comforted by this and not curtail their treatment. If you are suffering from any depression whether it is hormonal or otherwise, I would certainly not try to fight it alone and would not hesitate to take medication, even though I know that some people would and will disagree with me.

As a general rule. life for me without them had simply become unbearable and I couldn't go on which is something to bear in mind if you are trying to reach a decision on whether to use this powerful and amazing medicine. If life is simply too hard to bare, you are suicidal or you believe that your depression is out of control, then you should always see a medical professional who can talk you through the options that are open to you. And of course, it goes without saying, that you can use your medication with any other regime, holistic or otherwise, as a multi-dimensional attack.
I sincerely hope that this blog gives the positive aspect to the use of anti-depressant, even though I fully and wholeheartedly understand the sufferers reluctance to use them.
God Bless
Suzi xx


  1. I will share this with friends who are sufferers x

  2. Fantastic....someone who agrees that they sometimes are required! I stumbled upon your site, I've been a sufferer of PMD since my teens, I'm now 36 and depression over the last 2 years has taken a massive hold....so much of what you say resonates within me! I'm purchasing your book as we speak!