Sunday, 6 April 2014


This weeks blog is trying to help the reader or sufferer decide if they have Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or the far worse PMDD, Pre Menstrual Disphoric Disorder.

Most women at some stage in their lives have suffered some form of tension in the week before their menstrual period and when those symptoms become extreme, that would then be called PMS. As much as we've all heard the jokes about this syndrome, to actually be a sufferer is far from funny and it can have a serious effect on any women's day to day life. PMDD however is more  critical and can even be life threatening with a devastating knock on effect for the suffering women and their families.

Once I had established that I had PMDD, my life had become unbearable and I was only feeling well 1 week out of every month. I was often bed ridden as I was suffering from lowered immunity and  had a huge amount of emotional difficulties which were extreme and very frightening. At times I would wonder if I had indeed lost my mind and became suicidal on many occasion. The symptoms were too many to mention but would include severe irritability, temper tantrums, violence and even the occasional hallucination.

As a rule of thumb, if anybody reading this blog is feeling this way then you need help and should ask for a referral to your gynaecologist who will be able to help you, and will have seen others with the same symptoms.

For further help and support if you tap PMDD into your search engine you will find many forums and online support which has been invaluable and life saving. It also helps a great deal to know that there are others out there with the same illness and that you are not alone, which is a great comfort.

Thankyou so much for reading my blog. I can now see on my tracker that I have a big following which helps me as my only intention is to reach out to other sufferers.

I hope that one day soon there will be a cure for the terrible and misunderstood condition that is PMDD
Blessings as always, Suzi x

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