Monday, 9 June 2014

Lowered immunity and depression and anxiety.

When I was poorly with depression I also suffered from lowered immunity which was a side effect of the depressive illness itself. Once I began researching for my book, some eight years ago, I noticed when speaking to other sufferers that indeed they too were also suffering from various physical manifestations along with the emotional disturbances. The fact that depression can bring about a crash in ones immunity is often surprising, but can be serious enough to have a detrimental effect on the persons life and furthermore can even exacerbate the condition itself. This is because being unwell physically can be very tiresome and  stressful, and so the cycle of despair goes on.

I have found many afflictions which go hand in hand with depression and my own personal battle was with shingles which came about as soon as I ovulated, (I blame the hormones see) but many sufferers  have had others which are caused by the bodies desperate attempt at trying to maintain equilibrium. These would include bacterial infections, burning tongue syndrome, flu-like episodes, vertigo, dizziness, aching joints and joint flare-ups, cluster headaches and migraines and even food sensitivities and allergies! On speaking to the various sufferers who I am now in contact with, it seems that the list of medical components are simply endless which makes any depressive illness, hormonal or otherwise particularly brutal.

So what did I do to help my immunity recover? Well the answer to that is that my immune system is still in recovery and it has taken some two years for me to recover properly. Obviously exercise, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are crucial but there is one particular supplement which I found to be immeasurably helpful, and that was Floradix. This potent and natural substance was so good at its job ,I could literally feel the effects within a couple of days. It was particularly helpful when I was suffering from the crippling lethargy which comes with depression (some days I was so bad I thought I had been drugged) and so a few spoons of Floradix would inevitably get me off the sofa.

There are many other holistic remedies which are extremely helpful when one is dealing with a crashed immunity and I am hoping to cover those in my next blog. However, it is always worth knowing that a crisis in the body takes time to repair and often requires an abundance of patience and simply won't happen over night. Often it takes months of finding the most useful therapy for your individual needs and is always a question of balance. For further information I would read 'The Mind Body Bible' by Dr Mark Atkinson who can help anyone in their recovery. He also has a website and clinic and telephone 08450946450

I hope todays blog is helpful, please leave a comment and let me know which therapy you found to be the most effective. God Bless
Suzi x

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