Sunday, 15 June 2014

Natural therapies that can help with all types of depression.

There are many natural therapies which are known to help with depression, anxiety and all manner of health concerns, and I have used many to date which have become vital in obtaining balance, particularly with my hormonal issues.

When I was suffering from panic attacks around 10 years ago, a wonderful Reflexologist told me that my problems were coming from my ovaries and not from my mind, which of course I now know to be true. Bach Flower remedies helped me enormously when  was in the throes of a psychosis and Cranial Osteopathy helped speed up the cerebral spinal fluid which had slowed considerably at this time.

Speaking to other sufferers, Yoga is a firm favourite, and acupuncture and Chinese medicine are known to have healing effects on the mind and body, although it must be stressed that all of the above need to be taught to gain maximum benefit by a competent professional within that field. The same goes for Cognitive Behavioural therapy which is difficult to master and needs the help of a therapist trained in that particular area. It took some ten weeks of intensive classes for me to be able to grasp this amazing therapy and at times was quite painful as I unravelled my own psyche. However this type of mindfulness was extremely powerful and as much as I struggled to grasp it, once I did, the effects were miraculous. I was able to gain some control over my illness which was very empowering and my family noticed a great change in my mood swings.

Whatever therapy the sufferer tries, it is worth knowing that anything that makes you relax has to be helpful and these therapies can be used as a way of relieving any amount of stress in ones life. As we know that depression 'feeds' off stress, it is vital that any sufferer finds the best intervention for them and that can often be time consuming and a trial and error situation. Once you have found that particular help, its worth mentioning that perseverance is quite often the key, that and an abundance of patience as your body begins its own healing journey.

For further help and amazing reading I would start with 'Better Health through Natural Healing' by Dr Ross Trattler ND, DO who showed me the amazing healing you can find through the sauna and steam bath, which is something that I use regularly and has helped boost my immunity.
Peace and love
Suzi x

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