Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Can anyone help with my lowered immunity?

When people think about a depressive disorder, whether it be hormonally related or otherwise, they tend to think of the emotional aspects and not much else. However, anyone suffering will indeed have days where they feel very unwell as a result of their depression, and will often have multiple ailments too. This is often going hand in hand with the emotional disturbances and the whole system can become depressed, and even immune suppressed as the body suffers from the 'fight or flight' overload and adrenal exhaustion.

For years and years I have had multiple illnesses, allergies, sensitivities and an almost complete absence of immunity which has culminated in me picking up every circulating virus and bacteria. When you have children and a husband to look after its so frustrating and even harder to bear when people often make comments about you 'always being ill'. Sometimes I am ill so often I'm almost embarrassed to tell people, which does little for my self esteem and can even leave me feeling even more despondent as I despair of my own condition. Despite my emotional recovery, I still have this ability to be ill for most of the winter every year, and I can tell you its extremely difficult when you try every available remedy, holistic or otherwise in the hope that you can finally be well.

Since November I have had an almost continuous succession of illnesses and despite my reluctance to use antibiotics, I had a severe bout of flu and then the more horrendous tonsillitis which left me completely unable to cope. This  is all despite taking a cupboard full of supplements, maintaining an exercise routine and being a regular juicer! I also practise mindfulness and deep prayer in the hope of a complete recovery! I have searched high and low, read every available text and spend at least £100 at Holland and Barrett a month, in the hope that there will be an end to my collapsed immunity which came after years of suffering from a hormonal illness. It really is a never ending nightmare and I  feel so sorry for my family who have to  cope with it too as I am often bed ridden.

 However, there is one thing which I  haven't tried, and as we approached lent I thought I would give it try, and that is to give up wheat or anything containing gluten in the hope that my body will strengthen. I will also give up dairy if I see no improvement as this winter has been so disheartening,and almost well, depressing. I also am concerned that the amount of illnesses that I get could result in a mutation of cells, or even worse, a relapse in my mental state and a return of my disorder. Both of these notions fill me with horror, particularly when I am trying so hard to maintain my equilibrium and spending a fortune on my health.

It reading this blog, you feel that there is anything else I could try which will boost my immunity, please let me know and I would be so happy to hear from you. It maybe that you too have had this issue and have found  something helpful that I haven't yet tried.
Peace and love,
Suzi x


  1. Look into probiotics and the microbiome. Probiotics are essential for most people these days.

  2. Also notice you 'juice'. Be careful of blood sugar fluctuations with juicing as it can play havoc with your immunity.
    Try reading grain brain by Dr David Perlmutter.