Sunday, 1 February 2015

Did you have problems after childbirth and can you help with reserach?

Although I have written a similar blog to this, the subject is so important that I feel the need to ask again for further help with research. At present there is an ongoing research programme being conducted at Birmingham University which has huge implications for women suffering from emotional disturbances after childbirth. This will help scientists understand more about the factors that make some women poorly, and will lead to better prediction and treatments for anyone who has had mood disorders. Clearly with the recent dramatic rise in sufferers, it is vital that we improve our understanding and in particular prepare the next generation being that is often hereditary.

The BDRN or Bipolar disorder and Postpartum Research is conducting the largest study so far and 6000 individuals have already taken part in these studies. However more help is needed and as we already know that mood disorders have a genetic trait, blood samples are still needed in order to find a cure. I am one of the 6000 women who has already taken part and it couldn't have been more interesting. One of the researchers travelled for several hours to visit and interviewed me with regards to my own illness. She then took a blood sample which was analysed, along with thousands of others in the hope that it will shed some light on the evil that is Postnatal illness. I am delighted to be part of this cutting edge research which delves deep into the DNA and tries to isolate that gene or genes responsible. It had the added bonus of helping me understand the illness, and that it was something in my genetic make up and not of my own making. In other words, it freed me of the guilt so many of us sufferers have with regard to our own situations. It was unavoidable, and I was always going to be ill, just as some people have heart disease or cancers in their own genetic makeup.

If you want to take part in this critical and often life saving research you can contact the research team directly. The leading lady is DR Katherine Gordon Smith and she can be contacted on 0212 301 2361 or at She is particularly interested in women who have had a period of 'elevated mood' or mania as is sometimes called. However I'm sure she would only be too happy to hear from anyone who is willing to help with this valuable study.

Blessings as usual. Suzi AKA Caroline Church x

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