Wednesday, 6 January 2016

An Amazing year for I Blame the Hormones!!

This is my first blog for 2016 and as we turn the calendar we are filled with hope and anticipation for the year ahead. For ' I Blame the Hormones', 2015 was a year in which more sales of this publication can only mean more awareness is raised.
That  means for all mood disorders, regardless of origin,but more so for sufferers of reproductive depression, and the monthly misery of PMDD.

As the battle for more research rages on, more and more sufferers come forward, and never before have there been so many forums of discussion and dialogue. People are endlessly researching and striving for recognition of a misunderstood condition which at times is shrouded in mystery and has had very little limelight. This has to change, and publications such as I Blame the Hormones, which has just recently been bought by a German publishing house, have to take president in educating the non-believers. Still too often we hear that sufferers are being fobbed off with the lack of knowledge and professional expertise needed to manage the crippling symptoms of PMDD. Still people refuse to believe that the disorder exists and is an exaggeration or a need for attention.  As far as I am aware, there isn't as yet one particular protocol or management guideline with healthcare professionals themselves not knowing enough about the disorder.

I am hoping that the year 2016 will see great changes in the management of the illness,and that more professionals will be seeing the light when it comes to diagnoses and interventions. PMDD can wreck the life of the sufferer, destroy families and can have a devastating effect on the female who essentially is in the most important phase of her life. Puberty, child rearing, careers and marriages are all at risk, and more needs to be done for the sufferer themselves and there families.

 There is however hope, and hope is all we have in the world of PMDD.

NAPMDD  or The National Association of PMDD had an amazing year of raising it up last year with their first convention in Denver which was attended by many both in person and online. It gave us all a great insight into research, management and most importantly,  the most effective remedies used. It gave immense support to thousands of women worldwide, is passionate about raising awareness, and works tirelessly in the hope of finding a cure.
 It has also just added two directors to the board who are professional and intelligent women with great knowledge and experience of the disorder. In terms of growth and practical understanding, I predict 2016 will be a year of great discovery for PMDD. As a board member myself, I can assure you I am in the company of some amazing and compassionate people going all out for this cause. We really are gaining coverage and reaching out to women worldwide, along with their families who also are suffering and need support and urgent help.

We are also swapping dialogue with the most knowledgeable Professors in the world such as Professor Studd, London and Dr Lola in Chile, who are striving hard to help those suffering and have published vital papers with years of data involving the latest and most sophisticated technology.

For those of you suffering and despairing out there, I can assure you that 2016 can only bring more answers, with so many hard working people dedicated to fighting this cause. In the meantime, hold onto hope that one day there will be a cure, and an end to the misery of PMDD.

For further information and to help raise greatly needed funds, go to where there is a wealth of support available and where you can even get involved!

I blame the Hormones, is available on Kindle, Smartphone, PC or any tablet.

Happy New year to you all,

Suzi x

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