Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The confusion surrounding PROGESTERONE.

The hormonal elements of PMDD are so vast and hard to grasp that it is no wonder we are all confused about progesterone. It is even harder to comprehend what is synthetic, what is Bio-identical and how they work within one particular women.  In terms of individuality, some women are also intolerant of progesterone, sometimes synthetic, sometimes both , which also adds to the mystery and indeed the misery of this reproductive depression.

In terms of understanding and explaining, it is hard to believe that the difference between natural progesterone and synthetic progestin is not widely understood. Even more importantly, the effect of progesterone both synthetic and natural, varies widely between women, so what is one women's misery is another women's cure! No wonder we are all in a quandary about what is working and what isn't!

Progesterone itself matches a women's body exactly, and therefore is an exact natural structural copy and  will have a perfect fit with the bodies natural receptors. Some women however are intolerant to their own progesterone, so as soon as it is released during the late luteal phase, they will have an adverse reaction (PMS or its ugly sister PMDD).

Progestin (Synthetic progesterone) works in a slightly different way and so can produce both desired and undesired effects. So it can also lead to mental instability, as well as being a cure for PMS/ PMDD in some women. It can also be synthesised from undesirable sources ,which can also be a concern. (horses urine for example).

Here's an example of my own experience with progesterone.

 When I had my second child, I used natural progesterone, Cyclogest, which is available in suppository form on prescription in the UK. This  immediately helped me with my Postnatal depression which was so severe, it was classed as psychotic. I also used it as a preventative when I had my third and last child, and was able to avoid the plummet of hormones after delivery. It is this rapid tailing off of hormones which can often lead to PND in so many women. So the hormone sensitivity is so prominent, it can create emotional turmoil in many women and even be catastrophic as the body struggles with the sudden change in hormones.

However, when I used a synthetic hormone such as the contraceptive injection, or indeed any birth control, I suffered a reaction so severe that I thought I was losing my mind . The reaction was within 2 hours in fact, and took months to right itself. You can read more about this episode in my book 'I blame the Hormones', and what worked for my own PMDD. My own emotional fallout from the synthetic was life-changing, and was even the catalyst to becoming an activist for the sufferers of PMDD.

Others have found the opposite to be true! Some have found the birth control pill to be extremely effective at managing the symptoms of PMDD, while others use the Mirena coil with a good response. Some swear on using the Oestrogen patch, whilst others wouldn't touch it with a barge poll for fear of the result. This inexplicable and complicated diversity between us ladies is what makes PMDD so difficult to manage. It is also the reason for so much complicated dialogue between sufferers and professionals alike, with us endlessly arguing about what works and what doesn't.

PMDD really is a minefield when it comes to finding a 'one fixed protocol' for the treatment and management of this evil disorder. And the answer to that is, there is no one fixed answer!

The mystery of Progesterone is still being endlessly researched and we can only hope that this research will find more answers in the battle for emotional stability. It is what I'm campaigning for, and my wish for the future is that there will be one fixed regime in the management of all mood disorders. I'm hoping that for the next generation at least, we will have some answers. This is particularly important to me as I have 8 nieces in my direct blood line (one of whom is just 13) and she is already giving me cause for concern. Heart-breaking for me to see as you can imagine.

I blame The Hormones can be downloaded onto Kindle, Smartphone, PC or any tablet. I hope it helps you unravel the mystery of your own illness and how you can find freedom from your own disorder. In the meantime please leave me some feedback as I'm always so happy to find out what has worked for you! Swapping tactics is the only way, and serves us all indeed.

God Bless.

Suzi x


  1. Progesterone (cyclogest which is not a progestegen) helped me recover. We know it's a hormone that helps recovery, feels good and makes you ooze health when in full flow of a good pregnancy. It's no wonder our bodies crave it when it's taken from us (reduced) so quickly after child birth or if on synthetic hormones (pill etc), I see the drop in progesterone in otherwise intelligent, hard working, quick witted women, calm and caring women every month. Many of them not recognising it in themselves! We need to stop and allow the dip in hormones to be nurtured whether it be after child birth, once a month or after stressful times in our lives. Either working hard and looking after kids, being a full time mum or any physical challenges. Your progesterone is needed to support your body, not help you survive 3 children's birthday parties in a day or another late night working! Look at other nationalities and in the past, women were nurtured more. I'm the first to hate to admit I'm weaker every so often, I so often wish I could have the strength of the army of men for the entire month! But it's not going to happen unless we listen to our bodies and promote this natural progesterone either by foods, rest, or care. Reflexology and massage and cyclogest gave me back my life when nothing else's could (GP couldn't recommend anything). Look out for each other xxx

  2. Hats off - and all due credit, of course - to Katherina Dalton for pioneering the natural progesterone protocol in the first place. Shame she doesn't get more of a mention!

  3. I'm in the throes of this endless cycle of hell now; for ten straight years.
    Feel very much like giving up.
    Thank you for giving me the extra nudge of hope this dark morning. The knowledge that you are conquering this for yourself and others is endlessly comforting!

  4. I have suffered from BPD and bipolar all my life. I have 8 children and never had any up's or downs. My periods were spot on time and never had any PMT. Im now 47 and tried Cyclogest .Almost immediately i felt a difference. Calm and much more balanced. Of course i will take my prescribed medication but i certainly won't be stopping Cyclogest. Suzis book has really opened up a whole new way of rethinking my illnesses for which I am so gratefull for